America, choose A or B… but not lamp!

Ok ok America, all kidding aside, tomorrow is the biggest election of your life, well at least until 4 years from now.  And I get it, you loathe that narcissistic big mouth Trump and you absolutely hate that lying crook Hillary.

But, but, but wait America, you also have Johnson and Stein!

Ok, so you’re different!  You think differently and you damn sure know you’re smarter than most, and you’re likely right.  So as you cast your vote for the “other” candidate, you will walk out with your head up high.  After all, your vote was the real F*CK YOU to the system.

BUT… was it really?

“A students work for C students… and B students work for the Government”

I don’t know who said it first, but Robert Kiyosaki nailed it when he brought it to light in his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.”  Modern history has given us an example after example of how smart people get the better start in life, only to finish the race somewhere in the middle.  It’s ironic.  However if you think about it, smart people are often so highly sought after, they forget that they are their own best option.  For that matter, smart people are no different than the F students.  Unless they snap  out of it, they’re just pawns in someone else’s game.

So wake up America!  If you think voting for Johnson or Stein is the real “F*CK YOU” vote, then you’re what’s wrong with America.  On November 8th, neither Johnson nor Stein will even remotely come close to finishing in 2nd place.  I’m actually more confident that Bernie, as a write in vote, has a better chance of becoming the president.

What will your vote prove then?  That the system is broken?  Didn’t you already do that when you voted for Ron Paul?  And where has that got you America?  But then again, you can always be the smart one and say, “at least I didn’t vote for….”

You really want to know what separates the successful from the smart?  It’s that successful work with what they have, not what they want.  On November 9th you will wake up and either the Donald or Hillary will be your next president.

Deal with it America!!

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