I bet if I told you in your teens that you would become a nobody, you’d call me a fool.  Not only that, but you couldn’t even fathom the thought of being a nobody.  Instead you would tell me your grand plans of how you would become this amazing person.

Anyways, you’re no longer a teenager and you’re definitely not who you thought you’d be.  So what the f- happened?

Oh I know, you never got your opportunity.  You didn’t have a chance to go to college or maybe school just wasn’t your thing.  Maybe it was!  But then you studied business or some other worthless subject.  Had you only studied computer programming, you’d be a billionaire.  But forget it now, 20 year olds dominate the industry and you’re too busy busting your ass trying to feed your family.

It’s a hard knock life I tell ya.  However, you don’t really believe you’re a nobody.  Unbeknown to everyone else, you still have a trump card!  No not your Instagram or youtube star aspirations, you’re not hot and you can’t fake a personality.  I mean your genius invention idea!  Eh, who are you kidding?  You have no money and you have no clue how to even start.

So with every passing day, you realize that all you might have left in this life is to raise your kids better and maybe to make enough money to retire.  Oh that’s right, you told yourself 10 years ago you would start putting more money in your portfolio.   Anyways, good luck with that kid thing!

Face it, you’re a nobody!  But if you ever want to see something more pathetic, then go to the circus and observe adult elephants.  Such majestic and incredibly smart creatures!  They are so big and so powerful, yet they’re restrained by a tiny rope that a baby elephant can snap easily.

How is that possible?

Come to find out elephants share something with humans.  They’re easy to discourage, I mean train.  See, circus elephants are not wild elephants.  A circus elephant might have been born to a wild momma elephant, however shortly after its capture, the baby elephant was restrained with a massive chain.  As much as the baby elephant tried to break away, it learned that the chain was unbreakable.  The elephant eventually quit trying.  The handlers would then replace the thick chain with a rope they could easily handle.  That elephant would live out the rest of its life being restrained by an invisible force.  It’s mind!

You’re no different.  Hell neither was I!  I was a nobody that lived within my own personal domain chained by fears and limiting beliefs.  It was not an exciting life, but it was safe.  However, I saw lesser individuals break their chains.  It made me realize that even though a life within my domain was safe, it was no way to live a life.  I made my decision to break the chains and I challenge you to do so as well!

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