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Emily Kyle

PROFILE:  Emily Kyle

AGE:  26

FROM:  Livonia, NY

HIGH SCHOOL:  2008 – Livonia HS

UNDERGRAD:  B.Sc. Nutrition Management – RIT 2013

GRAD:  M.Sc.  Nutrition & Dietetics – SUNY Oneonta 2014

COMPANY:  Emily Kyle Nutrition

HUSTLE TIME:  2 years

STATUS:  Rising Superstar

WEEKLY TV SEGMENT:  Health in a Handbasket live on ABC & FOX – GOOD DAY ROCHESTER

FEATURED IN:  Self Magazine, Shape Magazine, US News & World Report, Women’s Health, Fitness Magazine, Men’s Fitness, MSNBC, Yahoo News, Food Network and many more.

PAID SPOKESWOMAN FOR:  Unilever Brands, The Wonderful Compant, Beechnut Nutrition, siggi’s Dairy, Zespri Kiwifruit.

DEFINITION OF SUCCESS:  Being able to do what I want to do, when I want to do it and enjoy it while I am doing it.


Ok let’s be honest, health and nutrition experts are a dime a dozen, so it’s no surprise that most of them go unnoticed.  But then there are ones like Emily Kyle.  Little less than 3 years ago she was an ordinary grad school student when she found out she was pregnant.  Fire ignited!  Nine months later she gave birth to a healthy son and then managed to earn her degree.

Then she just lit up!


Listen, you don’t just rise to the top of an overpopulated industry in 2 years without a burning desire.

Come to find out, the spark for Emily interest in nutrition happened in her childhood when her sister was diagnosed with diabetes.  From that point on she pursued nutrition with a passion.  She planned on eventually taking the ‘traditional’ career path, but that all changed with the birth of her son.

It’s no surprise that most success stories are fueled by big life events.  Combined with her new found motivation to be a stay at home mom and her unwillingness to abandon her education, she decided to start her own business.

If you’ve ever had a newborn, you know your free time is practically none existent.  Understanding the value of her time, she listened when she couldn’t watch and read when she couldn’t listen.  Like a sponge, she absorbed everything from building a website to marketing herself.

With her aggressive approach at utilizing every minute, she began noticing opportunities.  Often filled with doubt and fear of the unknown, she used her motivation to take on every opportunity.  And it paid off!  She started to get noticed by many national media outlets and eventually landed her own live weekly TV segment.

Her early success gave her the courage to keep going further.  But unlike a snob, she actually opened herself to learn from other industry experts and eventually became a paid spokeswoman for several international brands.

Without a doubt Emily is a Rising Superstar.  And even though her son is still the major motivation for her success, her desire for absolute freedom and the need to leave a legacy further fuels her… FIRE WITHIN!

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