Make it happen, right?  Have you ever thought that things were going to work out only to be reminded over and over that they weren’t?  You’re not the only one!

It was sometime in early 2009 and I was getting financially slaughtered with both of my companies.  Winter was typically a slow time for us but things were never as bad as that winter.

I still remember this Monday morning like it was yesterday.  I just finished a staff meeting and after everyone left, I went to the bathroom.  I set on the toilet and tears poured down my face.  “How the F- did I get here?” I kept asking myself.

Payroll was due on Friday and for the first time ever, I wasn’t going to make it.   I had maybe enough money in my bank account to buy a bottle of vodka, but that would only mask my problem for a day or two.  I didn’t know what to do, so I just sat there.  After a while, the main bathroom door opened and my next door neighbor walked in.

“I’m going to F***ING MAKE IT HAPPEN!”  I exclaimed with the hope of getting him out.

“That’s the spirit,’ Brad replied as he walked out.

At that time, Brad and I were the only tenants on our floor so we knew each other well.  As I walked out, I peeked through his office door and gave him the thumbs up.

“So you make it happen?”  He asked as I turned around.

“Not yet, but I will,” I responded walking back towards my office.

It was somewhat ironic that the words to get him out of the bathroom were the same words that were the key to my problem.  I walked into my office, grabbed my keys and drove down to check the mail.

The previous week, my office manager and I called everyone that owed us money so I had hopes of a mailbox full of checks.  But I was disappointed to find a handful of lousy checks and some junk mail.  My luck didn’t fare any different on Tuesday or Wednesday.  And that Wednesday night I prayed long and hard.  Somehow I still had a glimmer of hope that things were going to work out.

What seemed like a blink of an eye, it was already Thursday.  That morning I stopped to check the mail on my way to the office.  Again, found nothing great.

By the end of the morning, we managed to deposit enough to cover our payroll taxes, but nowhere near to cover everyone’s payroll.  With time ticking away, I made another trip to the mailroom.  As I turned the mailbox key I smiled and said, “it’s do or die!”

F**k!!!! Right then and there my face dropped and all hope vanished.  I seriously wanted to cry.  I got back in my car and my phone rang.

“King Skar!” It was the way one of my employees typically addressed me just before he asked for a favor.

“What do you want?”  Half-jokingly I asked.

“Any chance I could cash my check today?”

“I’m busy right now, but let’s talk about it when you report back to the office.”  I told him as I hung up.

I really wanted to tell him to F**K OFF, but I knew that wouldn’t help my cause.  Instead of driving back to the office, I took a detour and drove to the top of Cobbs Hill.  I parked overlooking the city.  I can’t tell you some of the thoughts I had, but there was one that lingered.  It was of the first time I drove my billboard truck to the same spot and proclaimed I would one day rule the world.  Times were different then and I was a different person as well.

That’s when it occurred to me, I was different then!  I was stupid and with a lot less experience.  Suddenly, it made sense.  All that time I was hoping for something to happen only to realize that I was the only one who could make it happen.  It was do or die time and I was the only one that controlled it.

I decided to do what I never thought I could do, call the man that once told me how stupid I was for starting my first company.  I heisted for a second, but I got out of my car and dialed my father’s number.  After few rings his phone went to voicemail.  We never left messages for each other but I knew he would call me back.

The plan was to ask him for a quick loan.  I figured I’d tell him I needed to buy some expensive equipment before our busy season and that I would pay him back within a month or two.  But as I was driving back to my office I ran through all the scenarios.  I just knew that taking a loan from him would eventually bite me in the ass.  I wanted to do one more thing before I talked to my father.

I rushed up the stairs to my office.  I had a pile of junk mail that’s been collecting for weeks and I figured that maybe a big check got stuck somewhere in between.  But as I sorted through, I didn’t find one.  However I found something else.  It was from a credit card company.

I was already maxed out with all my cards, but I figured I’d check it out.  I was surprised to find a couple blank checks.  One was with 0% APR to use for any business needs.  I called the credit card company and within minutes I was approved to write a check for my company.  I rushed the check to my bank, discussed my situation with the bank manager and as the day ended, I found my way to make it happen!

By far, 2009 was a year of extreme ups and downs for me.  I learned a lot that year, but there was one lesson that changed my life.  As much as I think you should always be positive… and have faith… and believe in yourself, there is only one way to make it happen… and that’s to make it happen yourself!

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