Problems, issues, challenges, obstacles, call it what you want but Napoleon Hill coined the term “whatever your mind conceives and believes, it achieves.”  Based on Hill’s term, if all you do is think about problems, you’ll have problems!

See, I have a problem with “problems.”  Actually I f-in hate that word!  So a while back, the “problem solver” in me decided to call it, “challenges.”  But I had a hard time masking sh*t with, sh*t.  Come to find out I didn’t like challenges either.

Listen, if you own a business , or actually if you’re still alive, you’ll have problems in your life.  However, Charles Kettering once said,

“A Problem well stated is a problem half-solved.”

I think the only people that like problems are scientists and mathematicians.  To the rest of us, problems make us anxious, worried and stressed.

So here is the thing, a few years ago I started watching American Ninja Warrior and I fell in love with the word “obstacles.”  Maybe it’s just me, but since I was a kid, I loved running obstacle courses.  Naturally obstacles are challenging, hell they can even be problematic.  But in my mind obstacles have a positive connotation.

I don’t think Kettering will come out of his grave in rage, so let me paraphrase his famous quote,

“An obstacle well analyzed is an obstacle half finished.”

You are a fool if you think you won’t ever come across problems, so look at them as obstacles.  The best of the best anticipate obstacles and address them before they become real problems.

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