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Our vision is to create a million, millionaires!
Everything we do, we are guided by our 4 BELIEFS:
  • We believe you have an infinitely powerful mind that can create anything, become anyone and achieve everything
  • We believe you have a purpose in life
  • We believe there is a millionaire inside of you ready to burst out
  • We believe in taking action


Our mission is represented in 4 parts:

  • To analyze your psychological needs, core values, beliefs and habits to find what has prevented you from unleashing your potential.
  • To reprogram your limiting factors and establish your motivating factors for achievement
  • To monitor, measure and/or adjust your goals
  • To hold you accountable using our GOAL ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEM






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you and your damn obstacles

Problems, issues, challenges, obstacles, call it what you want but Napoleon Hill coined the term “whatever your mind conceives and believes, it achieves.”  Based on Hill’s term, if all you do is think about problems, you’ll have problems! See, I have a problem with...

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Never Forget, that as a foreigner, I might have greater appreciation of this country than you have.  I'm only saying this because I have a reference point of living in communist Poland until the age of 12. Never Forget, that US is still the f-in greatest country in...

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Why Thursday is an important day for Achievers

It’s Thursday, and for achievers, this day is important… VERY IMPORTANT! Think about it, Sunday is the day of rest.  Sunday is also the quiet before the storm, because achievers kick ass and take names on Monday.  Tuesday is the day that “wannabes” get going because...

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the thing about goals and why you’re missing the point

Goals... you figured that for someone who tries to help people achieve goals, I’d get people to consistently set them.  WRONG!  Do you know that I actually had to rename my “GOAL” sheet to “FOCUS” sheet because my clients were missing the fundamental point. So where...

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