I love fall, especially on days like today.  It’s sunny and beautiful and as much as I like to be positive, I’m also a realist.  To me fall is the last hurrah, the reminder that winter is just around the corner.

There are people that love winter.  I’m not one of them.  I’ve learned to hate winter for it’s dark, cold, lifeless symbolism.  Most literature depicts winter as the end of life.  So it’s no surprise that with every snow fall, I get reminded that MY winter will one day come too.

I don’t like thinking about death.  But there is one good thing about your end.   You get to reflect on what you’ve accomplished.  Whether you have a split second, hours or months left, how will you look at your life?  Will you be disappointed?  Will you think your time came too early?  Or will you go out knowing you gave it your all?

I’m no longer a spring chicken, but I still liken my life to that of a mid-May spring.  I see that the best of the seasons is still ahead for me.  However, where are you in your life?  Is the best still ahead of you?  Do you even have enough time left?

Whether it’s by the hours in the day or the passing of seasons, you should look for symbolism to remind that your time is the most valuable thing you possess.  Don’t let people waste it, but most importantly, don’t waste it yourself!

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